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On a wee winter holiday

I am a bit jolly excited.

This weekend I’m heading away for a couple of days spent in the company of two of my favouritest people in the world.

Fiona & Hannah

Coming up on Feminine Friday you’ll witness me gushing a little more about them, and no doubt next week you’ll see a post or two about what I did over the weekend, but for now I’m just pretty thrilled about the chance for a weekend away.

I’m headed to Germany (where Hannah lives), flying from Newcastle to Heathrow, and then Heathrow to Bonn.

Just the fact that there’s a plane (or two) involved makes the adventure feel more exciting anyway, and the fact that the first flight is with British Airways (joy and rapture) makes things even better.

I’m going to be spending a fair chunk of time hanging out in airports with lots of work planned for my time, but I’ve decided I’d also like some tunes to keep me entertained whilst I do it.

I’ve not really listened to much music so far this year, and for the last 6 weeks or so of last year all I was listening to was Christmassy. But that’s over now, and I’d love something different and new.

And that’s where y’all come in.

Recommendations to entertain me on my travels. Bitte.

In summary: seeking sweet sounds.



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3 thoughts on “On a wee winter holiday

  1. Hannah on said:


  2. Ideas for music:
    Mumford and Sons
    The Piano Guys
    Imogen Heap

  3. Hannah on said:

    Also don’t forget to send me your arrival time 🙂

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