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On catching up (and cocktails).

This weekend I was in Bonn, visiting with Hannah (and Philipp & Toby) and Fiona.

We had a lovely time: catching up, laughing, reminiscing, eating, talking and enjoying some of the sights of Bonn.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great. I really struggle to get my head around the fact that just because I’m on holiday, doesn’t mean that the weather will automatically oblige. January is January, and the weather will remain true to itself, whatever I am doing.

Sadly this meant that I took fewer photos than I might have otherwise. But there are some.

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Most were taken when we went out on Friday evening for a wee drink. We headed to a little restaurant across the road from the hotel where Fiona and I were staying, enjoyed some chat and some cocktails (a Strawberry Daiquiri for me, a Mai Tai for Fi, and an Ipanema for Hannah), the camera made an appearance and it was at this point that I diagnosed the issue that has caused me to create the ‘take more photos’  resolution. It turns out that the reason that I don’t take photos is because I feel uncomfortable doing so, as having a camera tends to make people look at you, and I don’t always want them to do that. This fact became evident when I took a lot of blurry photos of the girls (and our drinks), so as to avoid having the flash go off and people on the surrounding tables turn to see us.

Fi and Hannah pointed out that no one on the surrounding tables would care, and confiscated the camera to take some well-lit pictures.

Other than that the weekend was on the driech side, so only one other picture (with Fiona sporting a particularly fetching hat of her own).

But, despite the rain, much, much fun was had.


In summary: failing to get over my photographer-insecurities.

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One thought on “On catching up (and cocktails).

  1. Hannah on said:

    I do love it when I star on your blog. But clearly I should have deleted that photo straight away 🙂
    loved having you and hearing about your life

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