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On ?

I know that today’s supposed to be a Feminine Friday. What with it being Friday and all.

But I’ve been struggling with a monster headache all day, and after dealing with it and a day of work (including SLOBS and CU) there’s not enough brain power left to write a proper post.

However, I’d like to also take this opportunity to request some ideas for Feminine Friday posts in the future.

Any thoughts? Leave a comment.

In summary: retiring to a darkened room.

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2 thoughts on “On ?

  1. I would like to suggest the praying women who catalysed revival in the Hebrides.

    I would also like to suggest Mothers/Mother figures (older wiser women)

    I would not like to suggest Margaret thatcher… hahahah.

    I would also like to suggest Mary Jones the 15 year old welsh girl who carried a Bible a long way. ;]

    AND I would like to suggest a post about the fact that women talk, real men talk too, but so many men are crap at being vulnerable and crap at communicating…. but it doesn’t have to be a bitter post, just like, how awesome it is to be honest and accountable and what men are missing out on by trying to be ‘hard’ ;]


  2. Sorry you’re not well… sending healthy vibes and hugs your way x

    I loved the post you did on Josephine Butler. It would be fun to hear about other inspiring women, either those your hear/read about or those you know personally.
    What is great about being a woman is that there are so many different ways to be one! We can be quiet, be loud, we be creative or technical, we can love to travel to the ends of the earth or want nothing more than to live out our days in the village we were born. “Feminine” as a description can sometimes be used to limit who we are meant to be so let’s use it to CELEBRATE all we can be 🙂

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