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On writer’s block.

Today is one of those days when I just cannot think of anything to blog about.

29 days into the year and it’s pretty hard work. Which doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence for the 337 days that are still to come.

The problem comes, on days like today, as I sit with my computer on, and the ‘add a new post’ page open, and the clock is ticking, creeping closer and closer and closer towards midnight, and I just don’t know what to write.

And I suppose I could just give up the resolution here and now, except that, there’s something about a resolution and the act of making myself write every day, that makes me want to write at all. When I don’t pledge to post daily, then it somehow becomes much harder to post at all, because I feel the weight of making a post ‘worthy’ so much more, and then, because I can’t think of anything worthy, lo and behold, no post.

Which means, of course, that in order to get the odd good post, you’ll have to deal with the odd one of these nothing posts now and again too.

Hopefully the good will outweigh the nothing in the end, eh?

In summary: praying for a better day tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “On writer’s block.

  1. I love your blog my darling even when it takes you 6 paragraphs to tell us you have nothing to say!

    We used your Teapot last night and it was wonderful and non drippy!

    mwah xx

  2. How about your favourite fictional characters and why?

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