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On being incommunicado.

Today I did something a wee bit silly. Something I haven’t done for a while.

I left the house at 7-ish this morning, to go to Durham, and I accidentally left my phone at home.

This was pretty annoying, but became especially annoying when I missed my train and found myself hanging out at Newcastle station, with no texting to apologise for my lateness, and no internet to check my email or update Twitter, and no iPod to listen to music.

And yet, whilst initially I was pretty annoyed, I soon got over it, and decided to use those little bits of time that fill my day (mostly waiting for trains or students) with reading the Bible instead.

I’m currently working on trying to read through the Bible in 3 months (1 month down, 2 to go). This was something I’d been wanting to do since we had Ron Frost visit us at staff summer school last June and he chatted about his approach to Bible reading (you can read about it here), but the new year seemed like a good time to start.

I actually had a bit of a slow start, but I’m really getting into it now, and enjoying it so much, and the lack of phone today was quite helpful for getting me to use my dead time for slightly more useful pursuits.

Although I did rather miss knowing what time it was. Probably ought to get a watch if I plan on leaving my phone at home again.

Oh, and in other good news. Great joy in doing SLOBS in a cafe staffed by a former Relay worker, who recognised the UCCF-ness of me when I asked for a receipt for my coffee, and so brought me a free cookie so that I would have something good to write in the ‘joys’ section of my monthly report!


In summary: the blessings of a lack of technology.

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