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On vegetarian lasagne on Golden Wednesday

Today was Wednesday, known in the mission week world as ‘Golden Wednesday’, because as Wednesday is typically the hardest day of a mission week we have to make a special effort to have a wonderful day.
As it happened Hull CU decided to appoint this Wednesday as a day off, so it was a little bit more golden than usual!

I had a coffee with a CU girl and one of her friends at lunchtime, filled up half a loyalty card in another coffee shop with multiple cappuccino purchases, and then spent the evening hanging out with some lovely girls, and getting a wee bit of a chance to share my testimony with them.

This week I’m living back in student accommodation, for the first time since I CUG-ed at the St Andrews mission, back in 2008. I’m staying with a CU girl, Veronica, and her 5 flat mates, and this evening we all ate dinner together (veggie lasagne and chocolate cake), I got to give my testimony and chat to them a little bit, and then we watched a film together (Bill & Ted – genius).
They’re all pretty different, with varying degrees of interest, apathy and antagonism towards Christianity, so please be praying for more opportunities to chat with them this week.

In summary: a very golden Wednesday.

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