surrounded by clouds

On today.


Today has mostly been about:


  • Writing a seminar called ‘Social Networking for Jesus’ for Forum:NE. Creativity and community are two of the wonderful things about being made in the image of a Trinitarian Creator, so how can we celebrate those two aspects of our humanity as we mess around with Facebook and Twitter? Joyful ponderings.
  • Marvelling at the wonderfulness of our landlord. Last night my flatmate, Susie, slipped in the shower and put her knee through the bath (leaving a knee-sized hole, and requiring her to make a visit to A&E). At 8 o’clock this morning some workmen turned up at our door, and by the time I came home at 14h30, they were gone and new bath had been fitted. Winning.
  • Having a shorter evening at work than I had thought when CU got cancelled halfway through. Apparently the fire alarms in Claremont Tower are broken and so ‘health and safety’ forbade us staying. Still, we got a lot of praying done beforehand, some good chat in the bar afterwards, and an early night for Ellidh. Yays.

In other news, Feminine Fridays will be taking a break until mission season is over. Just so you know.

In summary: my day.

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