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On crochet.

Knitting is my true love. Obviously.

But, when I was in South Africa I lived, for a brief few months, with a delightful family, the Gertzens. The Gertzen ladies were crocheters, and Margie (Mrs Gertzen) was kind enough to introduce me to the world of crochet by teaching me how to make a ‘Granny Square’.

Granny Sqaure

My first crochet project was a Granny Square blanket as a wedding gift for Fiona and Rasmus (a blanket which I apparently didn’t take a picture of – sadness). My second project was two pairs of crocheted slippers, as Christmas presents for my dear sisters. And since then, I’ve drifted away from crochet altogether.

However, I’m back again, since I decided (after seeing one in a film recently) that I would like a Granny Square blanket of my own.

It’s going to be a long-time-coming project I think – blankets usually are – but I’m looking forward to the finished product.

In summary: crochet.

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2 thoughts on “On crochet.

  1. So I got out my camera this morning and…

    It’s been well loved the last two and a half years so there’s a couple wee holes, but we still adore it and it has a permanent place on the sofa for snuggling under while watching films.
    My crochet ambition it to be good enough to replicate it…

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