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On winning another to the cause

This evening we’ve had an impromptu societies taster session with our students. Each of the staff and Relays chose a skill or interest that they wanted to share with the masses and we ran a little societies fair this afternoon to let people sign up.

Literary Appreciation Society, Wide Game Society, Chocolate Society, and Live Music Society were some of the activities on offer, as well as the Knitting Society.
Guess who was running that?

I had a group of new knitters, who all did very well and tried very hard, but I’m particularly pleased because one of our Relay workers, Michael, decided to join the ranks and become a knitter.

I love it when people decide to learn how to knit. I consider it to be an important life-skill, and one that I want others to possess. You just never know when an emergency requiring knitting knowledge might occur.

It also turns out that Mike has real aptitude for it – he picked things up very quickly – and so that’s nice too.

In summary: knitting.

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One thought on “On winning another to the cause

  1. You will be pleased to know your eldest niece received wool as one of her birthday presents! She was really excited as well!

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