surrounded by clouds

On today.

Things that have happened today:

Waking up slightly panicked at 7am, followed by the blissful realisation that I didn’t need to get up for work, followed by more sleep.

A planning meeting for the Christ Church Women’s Conference, coming up at the end of the month.

A planning meeting accompanied by two cappuccinos and some complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries.

A trip to town and the annoying sight of Socialist Workers chanting and picketing outside McDonalds.  I’m not entirely sure what they were protesting about, but they were being very loud, and one of them was wearing a balaclava (presumably to disguise himself). Frankly, if you’re going to shout and wave placards on a Saturday afternoon, the least you can do is show your face whilst you do it.


Home and back to bed with DVDs and lovely M&S food to complete the experience.

A day off after mission week is such very great joy.

In summary: Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “On today.

  1. Emma Jackson on said:

    You said only one of them was wearing a balaclava? But they are cowards?

    • ellidhcook on said:

      Hi Emma, thanks for your comment, you’re right. Thank you for pointing that out!
      Please trust that it was less deliberate rhetoric and more tiredness and a failure to proofread that caused it to be plural, rather than singular.
      I’ve edited it now – thanks again for your comment.

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