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On Feminine Fridays: Rebecca Manley Pippert

Today’s post is about one of my favourite evangelists, who happens (rather conveniently since it’s Feminine Friday today) to be a women.

Becky Manley Pippert, author of ‘Out of the Saltshaker & into the World‘ and the wonderful, seeker-Bible study resource, Uncover, has had a wonderful and varied ministry since she became a Christian in her late teens.

She, and her husband, Dick, are spending a couple of years  in Europe (they’re American), and have given up a lot of their time to spend with us in UCCF. This weekend we have the great joy of hosting them in Durham, so I’ve spent much of today (and more to come tomorrow) listening to Becky speak, chatting with her about ministry, and just generally being encouraged by such a gifted evangelist.

This lunchtime she spoke on finding identity in Christ at Durham CU’s evangelistic lunchbar ‘The Big Question’, this afternoon she shared some her story at a ladies tea party, and graciously answered questions from the 25 or so students present, and this evening she talked more about evangelism, and evangelistic gifts, and answered more questions from a smaller group of students from four North-North-East CUs.

It’s been a great joy to hear from her today. She has such an engaging, interesting and clear way of presenting the gospel, and she has such a keen desire for evangelism, that you can’t help but want to go tell folk about Jesus. And, it’s also been lovely to hear from a woman in ministry, not to mention a woman who has such a long and fruitful ministry.

I love my job, and I appreciate very much the many men who I work with, as they are all, without exception, kind, godly men, with great evangelistic gifts, and a deep love for the Lord Jesus. But, it’s also wonderful to hear from a woman: to be encouraged by her example, and to be reminded that the Great Commission is for all of us (not just those with the Y chromosome).

The tea this afternoon, most especially, was a real delight. Danni, who was organising (and who is another wonderful female evangelist!) did a great job of making the time relaxed and beautiful, with cake and clotted cream for scones, and flowers on the tables, and it was generally wonderful to see so many girls come along to hear Becky and to ask questions. All of the things they were asking were clearly coming from a desire to see their friends and families come to know Jesus, and that’s a wonderful desire to have.

So looking forward to more evangelism chat tomorrow. Expect a wee report coming in the next post!

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In summary: thanking God for Becky.

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