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On beverages

Nameless Flat White in a 'to-go' cup.

Today was a Durham day, so I made a visit to Starbucks.

I’m not a big fan of that particular brand, but I make an exception to my unofficial boycott in Durham because the Durham cafe is nice, and the staff are friendly, and there’s free wireless, and it’s the closest coffee shop to the train station.

Now I’m not sure if you heard the news yesterday, but Starbucks in the UK adopted the policy of their American parents and are now asking for names when they get your order and writing it on the cup, so that when your drink is ready they can call out ‘Latte for Humphrey’ or ‘Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato for Penelope’. Apparently Starbucks customers want the personal touch.

They were introducing the new system yesterday by giving out free lattes, but I don’t consider a Starbucks latte to be worth queuing for. Not even if it’s free.

Sadly, however, it seems like Durham haven’t jumped on the personal-touch bandwagon yet, so no mis-spelled name on a cup for me today.

Reads: 'Caution. The drink you are about to enjoy may cause brainfreeze'.

Later in the afternoon, inspired by the sunshine (which caused the sunglasses to come out, and the coat to come off) I bought a mocha frappe from Esquires. I’m not a big fan of the frappe situation, but there’s something about a sunny day that tempts me into it, and I was amused by the writing on the cup. Although obviously, hoping that it’s a joke and not a genuine warning (which would be disturbing).

In summary: caffeine.

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