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On a glimpse of team days

Today was part one two days of team days in Sheffield.

We’ve had Steve Timmis with us, talking about pastoral care and gospel change. Really helpful stuff.

I’ll definitely want to blog about it some time soon, but for now I’m too tired to do it justice.

20120322-224134.jpgThis evening we went to a pub for dinner and had much fun chatting about the day and church and work and general catching up, which eventually descended into some sort of madness where the Relays (and JP in particular) started debating the question of whether or not Judas was a ginger

And that’s the sign that the evening should end.


In summary: long day.

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One thought on “On a glimpse of team days

  1. Us gingers have enough to deal with, don’t be putting that on us as well!!!

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