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On suggestions

Back at the beginning of February I went (along with Hamish and JJ) down to Hull to help the CU with their events week.

It was a long, but very fun, week. And the CU, being the sweethearts that they are, were generous enough to send a wee gift as a thank you: an Amazon giftcard.

Now that life has hitting a bit of a slower pace I think I might actually have time to spend the card, and to get a spot of reading in too.


What do you recommend? Have you read anything lately that you think I must get into?

I’d love some suggestions!

In summary: making time to read.

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2 thoughts on “On suggestions

  1. Here are some suggestions:
    Christian: The good God, east of Eden,
    Non Christian: The hunger games, game of thrones, Alan Suger – the way I see it, The girl with the dragon tattoo

  2. Planetwise – Dave Bookless.

    The Hunger Games also totally riveting.

    xx xxx xx

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