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On pink things

Today, along with the sunshine (22 degrees today. In March!) my thoughts have turned to sewing.

Autumn makes me want to knit – because winter’s on its way, and scarves and gloves and hats is what I want in winter – and spring makes me want to sew – because summer’s on its way and dresses and skirts is what I want.

But I’ve decided to ease myself in a wee bit gently by working on a late birthday gift for my niece, Holly. She turned ten a month ago, but what with it being the middle of mission-madness I didn’t see her then, and so decided to postpone her present until Easter, when I’ll see her in person.

Holly was pleased to receive her own bedroom for her birthday this year, and so I’ve been working on a little something to decorate.

In summary: pink.


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2 thoughts on “On pink things

  1. You’ll definitely be in the good auntie books with gifts like that – late or on time!

  2. I thin she is going to love it!!!

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