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On a day at New Word Alive

Some (two) of my readers have complained that my blog posts have been a little lacking in content recently. They think there’s been a few too many ‘Snapshot’ posts, and so today I thought I’d give them, and you, something more.
A day in the life of a student team member/part-time steward at New Word Alive:

• My alarm wakes me at five to seven. I poke my head out from under the covers, peer around my bedroom and try and remember where and who I am, and then spend a couple of minutes persuading myself to get up and dressed. We are staying in caravans; they are basically metal boxes with no heating, and it’s due to snow tonight.
• We leave the caravan park at 7:30 and make the ten minute drive along to Pontins, and enjoy a delightful cooked breakfast.
• 8:15 arrives and the student team meets to look at the Bible, to share encouragements, to pray together, and to make a plan for the day.
• From 9 till 1 I’m on stewarding duty in the Great Marquee. This means wearing a high-vis jacket, waving my arms like a mad woman in order to guide people into their seats, smiling a lot, and joyfully, getting to hear Jonathan Lamb preach through the book of Ruth.

• 1 o’clock is lunchtime. Yum.
• 2-5 is ‘free time’ and it’s being filled with meeting students, reading, chatting to colleagues and making new friends, and going to the odd seminar. Yay.
• 5 o’clock finds me making my way along to cabin 638 to meet with some Newcastle and Northumbria girls for an Impact group. This is a chance for them to chat through what they’ve been learning at all of the many, many different seminars that they’ve been to, to ask any questions that they might have, and to pray together.
• Time for tea at 6.
• And then at 8:15 we head back to the Great Marquee for the student celebration. The evening teaching this year is a series on the cross and the way that Christ rescues us. So far we’ve seen how we’re rescued from anger, and rescued from guilt, and we’ve got three more to come. It’s been so very good to hear, and it has sparked some great chats in Impact, which is exciting.
• Lastly the evening ends with a few different possibilities, including praying with folk after the meeting, chatting to students, or enjoying some of the ‘After Hours’ musical performances, before the drive home and into bed at about midnight.

In summary: long, but fun days.

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