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On unsuitable knitting

I’m on holiday this week, so I’ve decided to use the rest to get back into knitting.

The last few months have held a level of busyness that has rather distracted me from doing any serious knitting, and I’m keen to get back to it. Only of course this is really not a very helpful time of year to get the knitting bug – due to the fact that knitted items aren’t all that necessary during the summer time.

However, the weather at the moment is about as gloomy as it is possible for it to be, so maybe I’ll manage to get some use out of it after all.

The project for this week is what’s known as an Infinity Shawl. This special item is super versatile: shawl, snood, cowl, scarf, cardigan (of sorts). A very handy thing to possess.

Mine is black, and ribbed, and when it’s bigger than a centimetre in length I’ll post some photos. For now, enjoy some finished ones, from my Shawls board on Pinterest.


In summary: season-inappropriate crafts

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One thought on “On unsuitable knitting

  1. can I have one please? Pretty please? xx

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