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On obsession.

I’ve started to notice a trend with my photos. Looking through the pictures on my phone and computer I find that a great many of them fit one theme: coffee.

A lot of the photos that I take these days are being taken with this blog in mind. ‘What one image might sum up my day today?’ I think, and apparently, that one image is often a cup of coffee. Partly because I love it, and partly because my days do seem to revolve around coffee-drinking: a takeaway whilst I catch a train, or a sit-in cup whilst I meet a student.

Well, now a new cup has joined the ranks, since in an effort to reduce my beverage bill, and in order to start my day in a tolerable manner even when it starts before the coffee shop at Jesmond Metro begins trading, I have purchased a ‘travel press’. Or ‘cafetiere in a cup’, if you will.

It will be making its debut outing tomorrow morning, at a 7am committee morning. Looking forward to it.

In summary: coffee.

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2 thoughts on “On obsession.

  1. where did you purchase this ‘travel press’? It looks like it could be the answer to my coffee problem, I want one!

    • ellidhcook on said:

      I got it from that coffee shop in Carlisle, but I imagine you’d find it on t’interweb easily enough – it’s by Bodum.x

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