surrounded by clouds

On chasing the sun.

The summer has finally arrived. For now at least.

After one of the most miserable and chilly Mays that I have ever see the sunshine has arrived, and we enjoyed blue skies and temperatures of nearly 20 degrees. And whilst I am aware that is not very hot for some of my readers (particularly those living in the southern hemisphere), it is a delightful change from the single figure temperatures that we were experiencing only last week.

As it happens, the unexpected warmth of today led to a conversation (with a few different people, actually) about where the best place to live might be, which led me to do a bit of dreaming about what I would do if I had all of the money in the world.

The ‘all the money in the world’ game is a fun one, and can cover all tastes and pursuits, but today it revolved around houses, and where I would live if I could live anywhere (and money were no object, natch.).

But, since money is no object in this game, and since although I am a fan of the sunshine, I do occasionally enjoy a bit of snow as well, I’ve decided that I need a few houses, and so far I’ve narrowed it down to these:

What more should I add to my list? What would make your list?

In summary: playing the ‘all the money in the world’ game.

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