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On mushroom risotto and singed hair

Blogging today comes from the Dray Mansion where we’re in the midst of some Relay days looking at the doctrine of sanctification. Paul and I have shared out the teaching, and the lovely Relays have had lots of helpful insights and questions, and a kind willingness to be honest, which is helpful.

Much fun and encouragement, and reminding one another of the gospel.


We finished the day up with a dinner of mushroom risotto (cooked by me) and brownies (cooked by Paul). It was all quite delicious, but I may have ever-so-slightly burned the end of my hair, when I leant over the gas hob and accidentally dangled my plait in the flame.

Cue that old familiar singed hair smell, and a desperate need for a trim.

In summary: slightly shorter tresses.

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2 thoughts on “On mushroom risotto and singed hair

  1. Maybe I should send you one of those hair nets that the dinner ladies always wore in school… 😉

    • ellidhcook on said:

      It might be helpful. Also, listening to the helpful advice of the Relay girls, and not letting my plait swing over my shoulder when I’m leaning over a naked flame wouldn’t hurt either!

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