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On capturing love on film.

This week is Durham CU’s summer events week. Final exams take place during Easter term, and between them finishing, at the end of May/beginning of June, and exam results being published at the end of June, students are expected to hang around town. They don’t have anything official to do, so other than college days, summer balls and the odd regatta (rained off for the first time in 178 years, this year), everyone has plenty of time on their hands; and so that’s a rather perfect opportunity for the CU to put on a few events.

This year the theme is ‘This is Love’, and today the week launched with two events which I thought I’d fill you all in on.

This evening there was a photography exhibition being held in Starbucks. Students had been invited to submit a photo (or photos) inspired by the theme of ‘Love’, and they were then printed and mounted, and judged, by professional photographer, Jodi Hinds. This evening the competition entrants, and friends, gathered in Starbucks to see all of the entries, hear Jodi give a talk on the theme, and then reveal the winners.

It was a lovely evening, and so interesting to see the different ways that people had tried to capture something of a theme which, as Jodi said, is both well-known, but somewhat indefinable.

Check out the slideshow below, including the winning three entries:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In summary: more love tomorrow.

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