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On cricket vs. slugs

This evening was the occasion of the annual UCCF Yorkshire vs. Durham cricket match.


I, perhaps it will shock you to know, didn’t play. Instead I sat, with lovely Steph, taking the role of a spectator, and making an attempt to understand the rules of the game.


Apparently this was made a little harder due to the introduction of various extra rules for the benefit of the lateness of the hour, the lack of light, and the area of play.

I understood the concept of ’49 for 6′ versus ’61 for 5′, but then the concept of ‘overs’ was introduced and I was quickly lost.

And then, during the second innings Steph and I were distracted from the action by a new and interesting diversion: a nearby slug.

A big, creepy, black bug that was on the attack. It turns out that slugs are swifter movers than their reputation suggests, and we were both reluctant to give our full attention to the cricket, due to the risk of finding ourselves overrun by an ugly invertebrate.


I’m not saying that slugs are more interesting than cricket, necessarily, but this particular slug was certainly pretty thrilling.

And I’m not sure what the final score was, but evidently Yorkshire won. Sad times.

A quote from the winning captain, Simon Oatridge:

“The margins of victory were slight, but significant: Zachary Taylor ousting Durham daddy, Hamish; and the Oatridge brothers coming to the party.

It was an interesting introduction to the game – my first ever match – and although I couldn’t say that I was riveted, I’m certainly not ready to write it off yet.


Let’s just say that cricket may get another chance to grab me.

In summary: judgement withheld.

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