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On a plea for help (and a bit of filler).

Today is one of those posts which usually provokes JJ and JP (a.k.a. ‘those who vie for blog mentions’) to accuse me of creating ‘filler posts’.

I’m not saying that they’re necessarily wrong, but despite this being a slightly content-less blog,  it does, nevertheless, contain a genuine request for assistance.

The time for my mystery foreign trip is fast approaching and since the mystery element of my trip will not permit me to blog whilst I’m away, I could really do with some help keeping up with the blog-every-day resolution. So, two questions:

  1. Do you have a suggestion of a topic for me to cover? An idea that I can blog about, and then schedule for my time away?
  2. Would you like to offer to write a guest post? Perhaps you already have an idea what you’d like to write about, or perhaps you just know that you want to write, and I can offer you a suggestion of a topic – either way, please get in touch.

In summary: comment, unless you want even less content than this for 14 days!

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One thought on “On a plea for help (and a bit of filler).

  1. Hey, I have something in the works for you but it still needs some editing before it’s perfect. Let me know your departure date (by email if it’s all hush hush) and I’ll make sure it’s with you before you leave. Unless that’s later today in which case, uh, sorry!

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