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On a new identity.

With the date of my mystery trip fast approaching (I’d still love some guest bloggers or ideas, by the way) various steps of preparation need to be taken, some of which I can actually talk about here.

A few weeks back I spent the day in deepest, darkest Sunderland to do a first aid course. It was a day of lectures and games all designed to teach the basics of first aid, and I took it so that, if the worse comes to the worst during the mystery trip, I can put someone in the recovery position, make a sling, or recognise the signs of a stroke.

We shall wait, with bated breath, to see how useful that will all turn out to be.

Today, the wee card that proves that I sat through the course, participated in the role-playing games, learned about bandages, and successfully gave CPR to adult & child dummies, arrived in the post, and so I am officially certified. Sort of.

The thing is, whilst I am the one that endured the day south of two rivers, the card has been issued to someone called ‘Ellis Cook’.

Who on earth is Ellis, and why are they getting all the credit?

In summary: how rude.

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One thought on “On a new identity.

  1. Love it , Ellis!
    I have had mail addressed to ‘Cassanora’ (it’s not even a name!) whilst John’s middle name continues to read ‘Erk’ on his driving license as someone combined the pen strokes of an I and C…

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