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On sending.

I mentioned that yesterday I took a trip out west to attend an ordination service at a church in Whitehaven. The church was St John’s, Hensingham, and whilst we were hanging out before the service, perusing the noticeboards, Pa drew my attention to something very cool.

A map, with lots of names and flags on it, and a sign saying ‘UCCF’ above it. The note explaining it said this:

What has UCCF to do with St John’s?

We currently have fifteen of our young people in a position to find UCCF, and their university’s CU, a source of encouragement and support. Some of them are preparing to return to a known university¬†situation, while the others are going for the first time, or moving on to a new place to further their studies. So, please pray for…

I love this.

It’s wonderful to know that this church are praying for their young people (especially since I recognised one of the names!), and it’s wonderful that the church recognise the challenge of being a Christian at uni, but also, that they recognise that they’re sending these young people out as partners in the gospel, to join various mission teams, on different far-flung campus mission fields.

In summary: hooray for CUs. And hooray for the churches who send their members out to join them.

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