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On the family business.

Despite a week of Keswick Convention last week, I headed back there today, but rather than youth team duty, today’s activity was helping out at the OM Book Shop.

My dad’s day job is running OM Books, selling Christian books online, and from a wee studio shop, and from a funky truck (once a library van in Wales, now a mobile bookshop roaming the towns of Cumbria), and for the three weeks of the Keswick Convention he sets up the business in the car park of the Methodist church.

The shop is made up of the van, a wee gazebo/marquee, and a shipping container, all full of books, and it’s run by Pops and his band of merry volunteers (a varied collection of OM-ers, and their respective families).

Last year most of the help came from a wee gang of OM MKs (answers on a postcard if you manage to decipher all of these acronyms, BTW), and although I’m in the odd position of only becoming an MK, after I’d already passed by the K stage, I thought I could at least use some of my free time to get involved in the family business.

It has been a long day, but it’s been a fun one also: 12ish hours of learning to use the till, playing with the label gun, chatting to lots of random people and running into various acquaintances, including current and former colleagues, lovely friends, and the leader of the camp where I became a Christian. And all of that topped off by the delight of hearing Jonathan Lamb preach on Ecclesiastes 9.

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A win of a day.

In summary: getting involved.

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