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On going for gold.

Today Team GB got their first gold medals, and the winners were Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, winners of the Women’s Pair at rowing.

And it turns out that Helen Glover has only actually been rowing for 4 years. The story told is that she was watching the rowing during the Beijing Olympics, thought, ‘I could do that’, and four years later she wins gold.

Talk about ‘Inspiring a Generation’.

So, what do you reckon I could pick up now so that I can win a medal or two in Rio?

Admittedly, I’m not the most natural sportswoman out there, but it could be worth a go, eh? Gymnastics looks fun, but since I can’t even do a forward roll, perhaps it’s not a natural fit for me; eventing looks fun too, but horses seem to be pretty pricey; rowing also is appealing, but I understand one has to get up pretty early to train, so maybe not.

I shall have to ponder this a little more I think. How about you, any plans for Olympic domination in 2016?

In summary: sporting dreams.

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2 thoughts on “On going for gold.

  1. I think it helped that she was in the army before she decided to take up an Olympic sport, so you know, the fitness and strength part was mostly there. Also I heard she was discovered through a program to find TALL people for sports like rowing… you’re at least not doing too badly in that area if you could add on an extra inch maybe? 😉

  2. Rob Cook on said:

    You could perhaps revisit your past successes on the synchronised catering team at the 2002 Comm0nwealth Games – baking, perhaps?

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