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On the Saturdays.

After a day with the nephew yesterday, today saw the invasion of the nieces. Listening to the sounds of a bedtime story from the collection of stories that my sisters and I had when we were little got me thinking about one of my favourite books when I was wee, and appropriately for today, that book is The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.

Published in 1941, The Saturdays is the first in a series of 4 books about the adventures of the Melendy children, Mona, Rush, Miranda (Randy) and Oliver, and their dog, Isaac. The supporting cast is ‘Father’, Mr Melendy; Miss Evangeline Cuthbert-Stanley (Cuffy), the nanny/housekeeper; Willy Sloper, who takes care of the terrifying furnace in the basement; and ‘The Elephant’, Mrs Oliphant, a rich, old French lady and friend of the family.

I loved the book for many reasons, including, but not limited, to: the exciting little adventures that each of the children has around New York City; the rich descriptions of all the characters, made perfect by the sketches that litter the book, (drawn by the author, which makes them a little more real and right); Mrs Oliphant’s thrilling story of being kidnapped by carnival gypsies; and my favourite of all the characters (and I think probably Elizabeth Enright’s favourite too), Miranda, with her love of ballet, and her middle-child-ness (that was me), and her beautiful curly hair (that I wished was me).

Such a wonderful book, and made all the more wonderful by the fact that it was part of a series, since more books gave me more chances to hang out with the Melendy family.

So, how about you? What were your favourite books as a child?

In summary: reminiscing.

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