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On the new term.

This week is the first proper week back in the new academic year. Last week was Forum, which is fun, but not normal, whereas this week has included admin, supervising Relay workers, and preparations for team days coming tomorrow and Friday.

The plan for today was to have the new Relay workers (Phoebe and Sam – I’ll introduce them properly another day) over to my house, give them lunch, have some chat, and then put them to work – baking for the team.

But sadly, both poor wee ducks are poorly sick, and I didn’t really want to spread their plague around Team Awesome and put everyone out of action so early in the term. So, we did the lunch and the chat, and then they went home and I baked three cakes.

Four bars of chocolate, three and a half blocks of butter, copious amounts of flour and sugar, two lemons, a bag of walnuts, half a jar of jam, and 14 eggs later, and I was left with a Victoria Sponge, some highly unhealthy Brownies, and a Lemon Drizzle Cake.

It’s really all about starting the year as you mean to go on.

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In summary: ready.

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