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On lovely Jesus.

This evening I had the pleasure to speaking to Newcastle CU about the Uncover Gospel Project.

For those of you who are not in the loop, UCCF puts on a gospel project every four years or so. Thousands of gospels are produced especially for the CUs (this time around it is Luke’s Gospel) and they then distribute them around their campuses.

Our repeated refrain for the project is this: Pray for 5, Give to 5, Read with 5. We really want to see every CU student pray for 5 of their friends, give them all a gospel, and then invite each of them to read the gospel with them, using the Uncover Seeker Studies (written by Becky Manley Pippert, and launched last year).

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That was what I was explaining this evening, and as I said it I had a sudden flashback to my first year at uni (also a gospel project year), sitting in the Lendrick Muir meeting room at CU houseparty as they explained the concept and handed us our stack of gospels.

I was terrified. They said, ‘pray for your friends and give them a gospel’, and I thought, ‘no way’. I took the gospels back to St Andrews, put them on my shelf, and didn’t give a single one away.

Thankfully, God is bigger than my rubbish fear, and he both saved people despite me, and is steadily helping me to be less of a scaredy-cat.

It’s a joy to work with this crowd of students, and most of them are wonderfully, much braver than I was. But, I’m especially praying for the ones who are a little like I was. I pray that they would trust that God is big enough to take care of all their worries and fears, and I pray that they would love Jesus so much that they just can’t help but speak of him (even whilst they’re scared!)

If you know Jesus, will you pray that with me?

And if you don’t know him, check out the Uncover website for an introduction.

In summary: glad that Jesus is so lovely.

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