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On Gosforth life: the Yummy Mummy

Here in the Toon I live in a sweet wee suburb called Gosforth. 

And one of my favourite places there is the park. Grass, trees, tennis courts, playground, random sculptures, and rumours of geocaching, all make it a fun place to hang out. Of course it’s also great for a bit of people-watching, being the natural habitat of that strange, but wonderful, breed: the yummy mummy.

The Gosforth Costa is often full of these ladies, particularly in the post-school-run hours. But the best place to spot this unique group is in the park.

During the summer they’re found in small groups, scattered across the grass, with their babies, and blankets, and picnics, but at this time of year you may be lucky enough to see them partaking in another specialist past-time: the Yummy Mummy Exercise Class.

Today I was privileged enough to catch a glimpse of a group of them, each lady kitted-out in a tracksuit, and accompanied by their offspring in trendy 3-wheeled pushchairs, warming up with a few lunges before they set off on a wee power walk around the park.


And if you’re a Gosforth-based mama, check out the class details here.

In summary: love my trendy ‘burb.

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2 thoughts on “On Gosforth life: the Yummy Mummy

  1. this photo has made my day: Brilliant!

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