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On suffrage and spoiling

Today we had an election. I’d say that we had the ‘opportunity’ to vote, but I don’t think anyone was feeling like it was much of an opportunity.

The vote was to elect a ‘Police & Crime Commissioner’ because our esteemed coalition government feels it necessary to add yet another political office to our lives. Politicians monitoring and running the police seems like a fundamentally bad idea to me, and the fact that they’re also getting paid something in the region of £100,000 a year to do the job seems utterly excessive, particularly considering our current ‘economic climate’.

However, despite my anger at having this person (and their salary) forced upon us, I couldn’t bring myself to just not vote. Years and years of my mother telling me that women died to give me a vote have taken their toll. Suffrage came at a great cost, and I can’t ignore that, so I went down a different road, and, for the very first time, I spoiled my ballot paper.

Gosh, it felt so satisfying!

I wrote in every box, and added a little note explaining why, and although I don’t know that anyone will read the note (and I’m pretty sure they won’t care), I do feel pleased to have said something, and glad to know that my vote is counted, even if it is amongst those marked ‘spoiled.


In summary: democracy (ish)

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