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On loyalty.

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a pretty big fan of coffee.

I’m also a fan of free things, so it stands to reason that I would love that special combination of coffee that is free. And the easiest way to get free coffee in this day and age is in the form of the delightful coffee shop loyalty card.

Once upon a time, on a memorable trip to Hull, I filled up an entire loyalty stamp card in one day.

In my purse at the moment you will find a Costa card (4 points for every £ spent, 1 point = 1 penny to spend in store), a Flat White (Durham independent) stamp card (buy 8, get 1 free), a Caffe Nero stamp card buy 9, get 1 free), a Coolaboola (Newcastle independent, located in 2 of my oft frequented Metro stations) stamp card (buy 8, get 1 free), a Basement (Newcastle independent) stamp card (buy 9, and get 1 free), and a Starbucks card (you put your own credit on the card, pay for coffee with it, and one day, perhaps a couple of years before retirement, you get a free syrup in your coffee).

The Starbucks one is my least favourite, because it’s essentially a big fat waste of time, but I’ve got one anyway, because as I said, I love coffee, and I love free things.

And that’s my lot. I used to have a Pret a Manger stamp card as well, but this morning when I tried to collect a stamp with my purchase of a Flat White to go, I was informed that they don’t accept the cards any more.


And, frankly, if those Pret people don’t want my loyalty then they’re not getting it. I’ll take my business to some one who cares: those nice, rewarding folk at Caffe Nero.

In summary: loyalty (but not really).


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