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On Back to the Barre: The Sixth-Form dancers.

Back to the Barre, and back to blogging, all in one fell swoop. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m afraid that November-madness struck once again. However, I’m back and ready for one last push for this bloggy-year.

Today I added an extra ballet class to my schedule, and so I’m now going to be doing two and a half hours every Thursday, rather than just the 1 hour ‘Back to the Barre’ class. This new class is ‘Intermediate’ level, which is the first of the Cecchetti Vocational Grades, designed for those intending to pursue a career in dancing, either as a performer, or a teacher. I have no intentions to perform, and not really to teach either, but this was the grade I was pursuing when I stopped dancing ten years ago, so it seemed like a good plan to get stuck back in when the opportunity was presented.

The difference with this class is that whilst in ‘Back to the Barre’ I’m dancing with other ‘mature students’, this class is being taken with 6 girls who are all currently in Sixth Form at school. (For my international readers, sixth form is the last two years of school, optional for all, usually as a preparation for university, with pupils being aged 16-18)

They are young, and full of energy. They’re also not massively focussed – lots of chatting, and lots of getting distracted by shiny things and passing thoughts – but they are sweet, and funny; and they haven’t ostracised me for being an old lady, which is kind of them!

It was a challenging hour and half of class (much more difficult exercises than Grade 5, natch.), followed by another hour of grown-up class, but I didn’t feel too utterly out of my depth.

Still, I’m prepared for the possibility that I may be unable to walk tomorrow. We shall see.

In summary: glad to be back.

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