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On some reasons why I love UCCF.

I’ve been involved with UCCF for nearly ten years now.

Four years as a student.

1 year as a Relay worker.

1 year as an IFES Homestarter (working with the South African movement, SCO).

1 year as a supporter and graduate and guest speaker.

And now, 2 and a bit years into being a staff worker.

There are lots of reasons why I love UCCF, but these in particular have been at the front of mind over the last day (whilst some have been less-than-complimentary), namely, that over the last nearly ten years, UCCF have encouraged me with the gospel, provided excellent teaching and training at every stage, and generously and kindly encouraged me in my ministry.

The opportunities provided for me, as a woman, are ones that I would have struggled to find in other places, and the privilege that it is to see other young people (both male and female) grow in their gifts and skills and, most importantly, their love and knowledge of Jesus, is one that cannot be adequately described.

Despite all that has been said over the last day or so, the truth of the matter is that UCCF, though made up of imperfect humans, has consistently and wonderfully pointed many generations of students towards the beautiful, living Lord Jesus, and that is something worth talking about.

In summary: one of the reasons.


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