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On 2013.

Day 1 of 2013.

I’m back in the Toon, and excited to go back to work tomorrow.

(And rejoicing in the fact that I have a job that I’m excited to get back to after the holiday).

So it seems a good time to get some new year resolutions down on ‘paper’.

I’ll be making another attempt at all of last year’s:

  • Write more letters.
  • Take more photos.
  • Blog every day.

Let’s see if this will be the year when I’ll manage to do it. Plus, I’m adding in:

  • Knit more (because having done a bit more over the holidays, I was reminded how much I love it, and I want it back in my life in a regular way).
  • Read more (because, well, ditto).
  • Learn to do the splits (that’s a ballet-related one, and I’m not sure how possible it really is, but lots of folk reckon anyone can do it if they work hard enough, and I am anyone, so I’ll give it a go).

And that’ll do. 6 resolutions, and a whole year to see them through.

In summary: resolved.

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