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On toys for boys.

Scalextric-Digital-Pit-Stop-ChallengeThis afternoon, for the very first time in my 28 (and 3/4) years of being alive, I had a play with a Scalextric.

Lunch with the lovely Andersons (Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puddings, and Bread & Butter Pudding, made with Mark’s very wonderful homemade jam) always means an afternoon of games (and cups of tea, and general amusement), but today the game was a Scalextric, and I got to have a go.

Growing up amongst only sisters meant that I mostly only ever played with girly toys – dolls and dressing-up games, and the like. It was usually very fun, and I quite liked my dolls, and especially the Barbies (until the wee sister cut the hair off all of them, coloured the stubble in with felt-tip pens, and we had to play ‘punk Barbie’ – she was a very odd child).

However, the ‘boy’ toys, like Scalextric, were absent from our house. We did have Lego (so that Pa could play with something fun), and occasionally I went round the house of a friend with brothers, and got a glimpse of such mystery items as ‘Transformers’ and Scalextric, but they were always off limits – until today. I wouldn’t say that it was particularly in my skill-set, but Jo and I had a little race (and a very fun crash).

Good times.

What was your favourite toy when you were wee? Anything you always wished you could have, but never got the chance?

In summary: racing.

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One thought on “On toys for boys.

  1. Interesting… because I gew up with no brothers, and granted we didn;t have proper scalextric but for a little while we had some pretty good lesser brand racing toy cars and it was EPIC and we were always being boyish…. I am so glad you have done this Ellie…. now that’s one thing you can ticlk off your list of in life i must… hahaha ;] xxxxxx I miss you xxxxxx

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