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On Pink Lane Coffee

The newest addition to sources for feeding my caffeine-addiction is the very cool Pink Lane Coffee.

I first heard of it about a month ago, when one of my flatmates, Vic, received a Christmas card from a friend, with a magazine cut-out of ’10 Hot Things To Do In Newcastle’ (or some similarly-trite filler article title) from a national women’s magazine (I’m going to guess, Grazia?). Between the three of us we had managed about one off the list, and one of the many suggestions that I had never heard of was Pink Lane Coffee, so imagine my surprise when, of all the coincidences, the very next morning I went to meet with Hamish, and he suggested we try a new place he’d seen: Pink Lane Coffee.

Number 1 selling point is its location, and specifically, the fact that it’s a (literal) stone’s throw from the train station. The other, equally close-by, coffee shop is Starbucks (and sadly, possibly the worst Starbucks in all of Britain). I’d rather not spend too much there, but station-adjacent coffee shops are important in the world of UCCF; since we all work in different cities from one another, and trains are such a convenient form of transport, day in day out there are a multitude of supervisions and interviews and study times and seminar planning sessions taking place near stations, up and down the nation. So, finding a place which is nice, and conveniently-situated, and not a multi-national, soulless, tool of ‘the Man’ (sorry, Starbucks), is a winner in my book.

Number 2 selling point is that it is genuinely very nice, and very serious about coffee. That is what they’re about, and they do it really well, in a cool, hipster, sort-of way.

The walls are white-washed, the cushions are old coffee-bean sacks, the art is moody, skater photography, the side-tables are old workbenches and steamer trunks, and the clientele are trendy, tattooed hipsters (excepting yours truly, who is tattooed, but is not trendy, or a hipster, natch.).

And my favourite of all, is the coffee-taste web on the wall (pictured below), so that one can understand the intricacies of the flavours one is savouring.

Serious coffee. Just the way I like it.

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In summary: definitely recommended.




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