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On cake.

‘Tis the night before team days, and so, here follows the obligatory team day baking post, complete with a multitude of cakes in various stages of existence.

This month I’ve gone for tried and tested Lemon Drizzle Cake by Tana Ramsay (wife of Gordon), and a new addition to the recipe book: ‘The Best Ever Ginger Cake’ by Ruth Clemens (who, apparently, came second on the first series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, which I have never watched).

The Ginger Cake recipe was for a big cake, and fitted into two loaf tins, so I decided to double the lemon cake recipe and make two of them as well, which meant putting 8 eggs into the mixing bowl, an action I found ever so slightly unsettling. (“8 is a lot of eggs, David” – Brownie Points to whoever can name the film that misquote comes from!)

In between mixing the ginger cake and putting it in the oven there was a two hour gap when we went out to a church prayer meeting. Halfway through the meeting I suddenly had that horrible realisation that I couldn’t remember whether I’d turned the oven off or not, which was a little on the distracting side; on arriving home I discovered that had, in fact, not turned the oven off, but thankfully the house didn’t burn down. Much relief.

In summary: still with a roof over my head.

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4 thoughts on “On cake.

  1. Hannah on said:

    heehee ” eight is a lot of legs, David” from Love Actually! Can I have actual brownies instead of just points?!

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