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On the joy of a good, long Saturday.

I’m writing this in the last few minutes of today, before I head off to bed. It feels as if leaving my bed this morning was a very long time ago – but in a good way. In a tired-after-a-full-but-fun kind of way.

I left the house at 8:30 this morning, and took a walk through rain and quiet streets to the first ballet class of term, which was hard, but good.

A quick trip into town to gather a few bits and pieces for next week. A chance stroll through Fenwick’s had me catch a glance of a pretty dress for the summer, and when it turned out to fit me, and have been marked down from £110 to £19, I couldn’t resist.

Home for lunch and making a Lime Cheesecake.

An afternoon spent with Vin Diesel & Paul Walker, as they entertained me with their Fast & Furious car chases and heists.

A little bit of sewing, with the machine (which hasn’t been out in a wee while).

And finally, delicious dinner and chat with good friends.

These are the kind of Saturdays I like. What about you? What does a good weekend look like for you?

In summary: rested.

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One thought on “On the joy of a good, long Saturday.

  1. Lime cheesecake is divine! And even better if you use chocolate bourbons biscuits for the base… 🙂

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