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On the love I have for slippers.

I really didn’t ever like slippers. I found them weird and too hot.

I liked my feet to be free, and cold.

But in the last few years I’ve really become a slipper fan, especially since the slipper-boot became a popular and available option. As soon as I get home my shoes come off and my slippers go on, and a little bit of joy fills up a little bit of my heart.

One of the delights of my job is that I’m often at conferences or meetings where we’re inside a big house or centre for a day (or many days) and it’s perfectly acceptable/positively encouraged to wear one’s slippers all the time.

Slippers at work! Lush.

Well, today I took it a step further, perhaps a step too far? But I doubt it.

With snow deep upon the ground, and plans for a long day out of the house, I knew that I would need to break out the reliable Wellington Boots, but was reluctant to then have to spend the day in Caffe Nero in wellies (they’re certainly not the most comfortable of the boot family).

‘Well’. I thought. ‘I can always take the wellies off in Nero’.

‘But, no.‘ I reconsidered. ‘Then I’ll have cold feet.’

So, I took my slippers to Caffe Nero, and wore them for the whole seven hours I was there. I may have received one or two odd looks, but I sure was comfy.

In summary: slippers, for the win.

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One thought on “On the love I have for slippers.

  1. wow! and i thought taking mine to church (for similar welly related issues) was pushing it! I approve muchly!

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