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On aeroplane etiquette.

This post is scheduled to ‘go live’ on Saturday, when I will, Lord willing, be in Luxembourg.

[As an aside: I do find scheduling posts to be a slightly odd endeavour. Imagine if I write this post and then die between scheduling it and it being published. It’ll be like a blog from beyond the grave. I’ll be fine about it – for I shall be with Jesus – but I imagine it’d be pretty weird for you all. Anyway, ramble over.]

So, as I write this it’s Friday lunchtime and I’m about to enjoy a falafel & halloumi (the king of cheese) burger with sweet potato fries from Giraffe, in Heathrow’s Terminal 1. I flew down from Newcastle this morning, and in a few hours I’ll be flying out to Luxembourg. The first flight was good (and quick) and I hope for similar things with the next one, but a couple of things occurred which made me realise another (I have a few) pet-hate of mine: people who break the rules on aeroplanes.


I appreciate that the world is divided into those who tend to obey rules and those who tend not to. I fall into the first category, not because I don’t have a rebellious heart (because I really do), but because I don’t like to rock the boat, and I don’t want to get in trouble. Of course there are situations where I’m more likely to break the rules, but an aeroplane is not one of those occasions, and here’s why:
I assume that every rule that exists is there to keep me alive.

Although I don’t have a clue why, I presume that there is a direct correlation between breaking any of the following rules and the plane disintegrating mid-flight:

  • Keeping one’s seatbelt fastened.
  • Keeping one’s seat upright, table away, and window-blind up during take-off and landing.
  • Keeping one’s phone switched off.
  • Remaining seated until the plane has come to a full stop at the gate.
  • I live by a philosophy that cabin crew are not just telling me these things to be awkward (although they may very well be doing just that), so I do as I’m told, and when other people break the rules I am the epitome of Britishness: I seethe inwardly and tut disapprovingly at the perpetrators.

    Today there was a bit of seat reclining and a some incorrect movement of window-blinds, but nothing too drastic. However, the worst place for this rule-breaking, in my experience, is China. To be honest I expected a lot more obedience from people living in an authoritarian state, but as soon as we landed almost every person would stand, sometimes even before we’d left the runway itself.


    But quite funny to see the reactions of the cabin crew.

    Never mind though. I shall continue to obey without question (and to tut at those who don’t).

    In summary: doing as I’m told.

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    One thought on “On aeroplane etiquette.

    1. parental unit (male) on said:

      Nice burger. Good to know there’s something good in LHR Terminal 1

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