surrounded by clouds

On Monday.

Today I have been:

Impressed by the news that my wee nephew, Aidan, scored 5 tries in his rugby match at the weekend, and wishing that I was able to put him in my Fantasy 6 Nations team.

Excited by this video from Durham CU, to advertise their events week (which is happening next week).

Encouraged by Fiona’s latest post, about the opportunity she had this Sunday. I always love reading Fi’s blog, but this post is especially fine, so do go and read it.

Moved by the ‘Therefore’ of Hosea 2:14 all over again, as I looked at that chapter in a 1-2-1 this afternoon. I cannot get enough of this little verse. I just want to read it over and over again as it sings out the gospel to me.

He comes out into the wilderness and woos me and wins me. He speaks tenderly to me, and dresses me in fine clothes, and makes me His. It doesn’t make any sense, and yet it does, because that’s the kind of God He is.

In summary: good day.

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2 thoughts on “On Monday.

  1. Thanks hun, that means a lot xx

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