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On an obsession with blue.

My new love is the colour blue.

Jewellery, clothes, nails, shoes. I want everything I wear to be blue – although I am slightly concerned that if I follow through on that I’m going to look like some sort of creepy smurf-B*witched-hybrid, so I’ll try to resist.

I think that the craving for blue is actually a craving for spring, since blue is a spring-like colour (in my mind at least). I so want to be spring soon, but February is still pretty far away from that, so for now I’m just trawling the internet for pictures of spring clothing, and hoping that they keep me going until the season arrives for real.

blueIn summary: blue.

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2 thoughts on “On an obsession with blue.

  1. What’s wrong with looking like a member of B*witched?!

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