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On the return of an old rivalry.

This week is Durham CU’s events week and so today I went for a wee visit to observe how a DICCU mission works.

I joined them for their CU Guest meeting in the morning, and had the treat of witnessing lunchtime speaker, Michael Ots, answer the question, ‘Why would God limit my sexuality?’ to a packed venue.


But as well as all of that CU-joy I ran into an old face.


Last year JP and JJ (Hamish’s Relays) had a running competition to see which of them would appear most often on my blog. I’m not sure what the final tally was but this year JJ is definitely winning, mostly because he’s an Associate Staff Worker with one of my CUs, lives with one of my Relays, and is part of the same church family as me; whereas JP… lives in Hull.

But this week he’s reappeared on the radar, and the second thing he said to me, after ‘Hello’, was a request to appear here today.

I can’t say no to that, can I?

In summary: abbreves abound.

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