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On hope, or false hope?

Today the sky was blue and the sun was shining and the Relay workers were giddy with excitement at the prospect of an end to winter, and the beginning of spring.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the moment, winter is long and dark in this corner of the earth and we do little else than wish for the spring to arrive. Today it did feel like the hope was real, but I feel the need to pull back a little, firstly, because it is still February; and secondly, because less than a week ago it was snowing, the evidence of which remains in odd patches along the way.

Snowdrops | Photo credit: BBC (Allison Bretherton)

Snowdrops | Photo credit: BBC (Allison Bretherton)

Oh, but how I hope it’s true. I’m longing for days when the coat and gloves are unnecessary, when the thick tights can go back in the trunk, and be replaced by summer dresses and flip-flops. Springtime is a real favourite of mine, actually, partly I suppose because hope still remains there. Summer here is usually a bitter disappointment, but in the spring there is still potential.

‘Perhaps’, we think to ourselves, ‘perhaps this will be the year of days of hot sunshine and blue skies and hosepipe bans and endless barbeques’. We know deep down that it won’t be, but in spring there’s still hope. Too bad it’s mostly the false kind.

In summary: in a pessimistic mood, had you noticed?

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