surrounded by clouds

On a trip to the Market.

Today was a beautiful, sunny day. Dare I say, even verging on warm?

I’m still holding off on announcing the arrival of spring, but it was certainly pleasant, and to make the most of it Vic (the housemate) and I headed out to the coast for a visit to Tynemouth Market, and wee gander at the sea.

It’s been a couple of years since my first Market visit, and it was much the same: boxes of long-forgotten photographs of smiling strangers; tables of ageing china, and Silver Jubilee mugs; crates of random extension cables and keys and magazines and old shoes; tubs full of cassette tapes, gathering dust and hoping to be adopted by the last few people on earth who still own a cassette player; and the stall-owner lady with the crazy purple hat.

They were all there then and they’re still there now.

Last time I visited the market I went with Kate (who was, at the time, one of my students). She was making a film for a documentary module she was taking, and the Market was her subject. Watch it below, and look out for the starring role given to my hands from around the 1:17 mark:

In summary: market visiting.

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