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On Friday: International Women’s Day


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Today was International Women’s Day, and to celebrate I went to Durham to speak at the CU’s ‘Big Question’ event.

Lunch (filled stotties, crisps, and chocolate), a talk to answer a particular big objection to Christianity, and the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker. It’s a regular item in the CU calendar, and today I was invited along to answer this week’s Big Question:

Would God keep women in the kitchen?

If you’d like to listen to my answer to that question, and to my answers to the follow-up questions at the end, you can do that here. (Once you get there just click on the ‘Would God keep women in the kitchen?’ link and you can download it.)

So, how did you celebrate IWD?

In summary: talking.

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One thought on “On Friday: International Women’s Day

  1. God wants us all to celebrate ourselves and honor his name. Amen 🙂

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