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On a weekend round-up.

This week I have mostly been…


Popologetics by Ted Ternau – thinking about popular culture and apologetics. I’m not very far through it yet, but I’m really enjoying it.

The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis, in preparation for team days next week.


Old episodes of Shameless and being reminded of both the genius of show, and the unrepeatableness of the language.

TED Talks about spoken word poetry, with Sarah Kay and ‘If I should have a daughter…’


More Granny Squares for the crocheted quilt I’m working on.

Experiments with crocheted flowers, as I try to manufacture some new jewellery.


Knitting for babies (a multitude due in the next few months) and wondering how on earth I choose what to knit now that I’ve lost my prophetic knitting needle gift.

Making Rocky Road for team day treats.

Talking about:

Jesus, women, Augustine, head-coverings and long hair, Relay, coffee, the Old Testament and how Jesus is found there, cupcakes and butter icing, future, sovereignty, self-control, food, baby names, church, blogging, flowers, and so many other things.

How’s your week been?

In summary: summarising.


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2 thoughts on “On a weekend round-up.

  1. fiona lynne on said:

    That video’s in my top five Ted talks 🙂 I have a secret ambition to learn/do spoken word one day…

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