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On two terms down.

Second term, Spring term, Epiphany term.

Call it what you will, it’s coming to an end. And that means the end of Relay for Sam and Phoebe is creeping ever closer too.

Sam asked me today what it’s like to have the change of Relay workers every year. And so I’ve been thinking more about it. In someways it’s very weird: every June we say goodbye to the Relay workers on our team, and every September we welcome in some new ones. That makes team life a strange thing, because whilst there is a lot of consistency there’s also a lot of change, with a new crop of Relays (and some new staff) changing over each year. Next year nearly two-thirds of the team will be new.

And then there’s my own little Newcastle team, and that’s the biggest change of all. Last year I had Jess and Andy to supervise (and JJ hanging around too); this year I’ve had Phoebe and Sam; and next year there’ll be two new faces on the Newcastle-Northumbria scene, and two new bodies hanging out in my flat every week, drinking my coffee, sprawling on my sofas, and posing for cheesy-grin pictures whilst I cook them lunch.

And that’s a funny thing to imagine.

20130320-211147.jpgIn summary: one term left.

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